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 Established 1994

A member of the Early Day Gas Engine And Tractor Association, Branch 152 and Chapter 2 of the Hart-Parr Oliver Collectors Association

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Cletrac Specifications

Cletrac A Brochure

Cletrac 20 Specifications

Cletrac 30 Specifications

Cletrac 40 Specifications

Cletrac 80-60 Specifications

Cletrac 100 Specifications

Cletrac Dealer Promo

Oliver Production Guide

HG Brochure

HG Production Changes #1

HG Production Changes #2

HG Tru Traction

     We have many members with knowledge of Oliver and Cletrac tractors.  If you need to ask a question about your tractor or a problem you need to resolve, please leave an email to us and a member or two will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please give model of your tractor and be specific as much as you can with your question along with contact info such as phone or email.

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For more info:  coccinfo@calolivercletrac.org