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California Oliver Cletrac Club

The purpose of our club is to serve as the medium of exchange of ideas, information and parts for admirers of Oliver, Cletrac and related equipment, material and tractors, and to aid in efforts to restore and preserve the tractors to their original likeness.  We focus mainly on Cletrac crawlers, although several of our members also own Oliver wheel tractors.



     We  are a member of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association (EDGETA), Branch 152 and also a member of the Hart-Parr Oliver Collectors Association (HPOCA), Chapter 2 


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     Our club was formed in 1994 and we first went online with a website in the spring of 2010.  The website was considered a way to bridging the generation gap between the old-timers and a new generation of younger enthusiasts.  We have members who have decades of tractor knowledge and experience to share with you.

     If you are interested in Cletrac tractors especially, please contact us--we'd love to hear from you!

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Have a question about Cletrac and Oliver crawlers?  Please leave a message and we will try to do our best to answer your questions.  We do have a diverse group of members that might have the answer you are looking for.

California Oliver Cletrac Club